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Business Consultancy

(1) Management System Development

I-Business Documentation

II-Internal Practicing System

III-Profit / Loss System

IV-Loop Finding & Its solution

V-Recommendation Report

(2) Product Development

I-Product Quality & Cost effective

II-Product Packages

III-Product Benefits

IV-Service after Sale

(3) Competitors & Market Study

I-Competitor's Product Analyses

II-Market Survey & Study

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>> Profit / Loss System  
  It has always been applied and then accepted that Among the significant pillars of a well running business, a sound Accounting and Financing System enables you in tracking your company’s funds and moreover it creates an activist approach with outstanding permanence and stability in your mind. Of course, and most importantly, in order to possess satisfactory audit reports to comply with privacy laws and other regulations

KALZAH will go deep to study your current Profit/Loss Accounts/data/over all periodic & yearly statements and will do help to bring more effectiveness  for you in your business growth without declining the quality of products, their good fame and your goodwill as well. KALZAH is proud and glade having the most updated  PLS speculation which has successfully been applied for many of our reputed customers/companies worldwide according to their needs and nature of business

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